Services at Union Hospital Dover Ohio

Constantly growing. Continually expanding. Excellent support for our superior medical staff.

Union Hospital has experienced consistent growth in patient treatments since its very earliest years. The chart below show the most recent Service Statistics.

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UH Service Statistics 2016
Patient Admissions
Inpatients 5,077
Patient Days of Care 19,622
Observation Patients 3,123
Outpatient Visits 266,474
Emergency Department Visits 44,320
Births 657
Full Time Equivalent Employees 873
Laboratory Test Orders 684,923
Diagnostic Imaging
Interventional Radiology 916
Radiology/Fluoroscopy 42,703
CT Scans 15,209
Mammograms 7,514
MRI Scans 4,905
Nuclear Scans 2,565
Ultrasound Scans 11,096
Respiratory Care/Cardiology
Respiratory Care Procedures 68,611
Cardiology Procedures 20,406
Neurological Procedures 212
Vascular Lab Procedures 5,680
Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation 5,385
Sleep Studies 902
Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy Treatments 91,040
Inpatient Surgeries 932
Outpatient Surgeries 2,891
Home Health Care
Home Health Visits 12,961
Volunteer Services
Adult Volunteers 120
Student Volunteers 18
Total Volunteer Hours 21,976