Build and nurture your career in an ideal location

Union Hospital in Dover, Ohio, offers a unique combination of advantages for physicians who wish to establish a practice or to advance their careers - all in an area that offers an exceptionally high quality of life.

We offer a very competitive compensation package centered on our progressive community hospital, which serves as the primary health care service source for several Ohio counties.

Our ongoing quality initiatives and continual improvement program aim to provide the finest collection of resources and support available at community hospitals.

Medical professionals associated with our hospital – private practice physicians as well as hospitalists - enjoy an exceptionally high quality of life with an abundance of housing, education, cultural and recreational options.

This site is designed specifically for physicians, providing a snapshot of the professional and lifestyle advantages associated with Union Hospital. You may contact us using our online inquiry form, or you can contact Donna Regula, Physician Recruiter via email or by calling (330) 364-0809.